Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Taggies Cuddle Blanket Tutorial

It’s no secret that babies love to play with the tags on blankets and stuffed toys. Something about the texture of the tag that is silky and soft… I hear it’s a comfort thing. These blankets are soft and have ribbons sewn into the perimeter.

When purchasing a name brand blanket, these security blankets can cost upwards of $25. Yikes! You can easily replicate this playful, cuddly number for around $10 and give a young child a comforting, much loved security blanket.

Items needed
1/2 yard soft fabric (fleece, flannel, etc)
Variety of ribbons in different widths, colors and textures (grosgrain, satin, etc)
Measuring tape
Sewing machine or needle with thread

1. Fold your fabric into a triangle to make a square (approximately 18”) and cut. I chose to use different fabric for the front and the back but you can easily use the same fabric.  DSC03062 DSC03063 2. Lay your fabrics together. If there is and “inside” to the fabric, make sure these oppose each other (i.e. have the right-side-out of the fabric face the inside).DSC030643. Keep foster kittens from messing with your ribbon (if applicable).DSC030744. Pin your fabric together. DSC030675. Lay your ribbon out around your blanket (not necessary, but it helps when visualizing the finished product.DSC03066 6. Cut 16-20 pieces of ribbon, 5-6” long each.DSC03076 7. Lay  your ribbon around the blanket (again, for visualization purposes).DSC030788. Fold your ribbon in half right-side-out, and pin between the two layers of fabric with the cut ends facing out and lining up with the perimeter of the fabric.DSC03080DSC03079 9. Once you have all the ribbons secured, sew a 1/2” seam allowance around the perimeter of the blanket, leaving a 3” hole to turn the blanket inside out.

10. Turn the blanket inside out, tuck in the edges of the hole and hand stitch the opening closed.DSC03081DSC03082

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Easy Costume for all the Preggos Out There

It may be too late to craft something like this for this year, but keep this one in mind for next year! My sister-in-law is pregnant with our second nephew. When I heard that she and her husband were coming to a Halloween party with us this past weekend and didn’t know what to wear, I jumped into action (naturally).

In my research for the coolest pregnant women costumes, I came across this. Slightly morbid, yet too creative to pass up.

So I went to work on it. Our local Volunteers of America store was having a half-off everything sale and how could I possibly resist!?!

Blue T-shirt: $1.00

Beat up baby doll: $0.30

I had her try on the shirt and I marked it to tell where the arms and legs should go.

t-shirt I cut small slits so I could poke the appendages through the shirt. After dismantling the poor baby doll, I stitched each body part to the shirt using the fabric that held the baby doll’s arms and legs to the torso.

And not wanting to be too morbid, I added a small ‘trick or treat’ bag to the baby’s hand.

DSC03153 DSC03152 Mr. Tote and I in 50 years…DSC03144We won for ‘funniest costume’ at the party we went to. I pinned our badge of honor to Mr. Tote’s rockin’ suspenders.DSC03168 The old man likes his keg beer.DSC03169DSC03167