Wednesday, December 28, 2011

40 Weeks... and Counting

Yesterday, I hit the 40 week mark. So I figured what better time to document my ENTIRE pregnancy than at the very, very end. So, what follows is a series of photos taken throughout my pregnancy. The first picture was taken at 7 weeks and the last picture was taken yesterday, at 40 weeks.

 7 weeks, 8 weeks

 9 weeks, 10 weeks

 11 weeks, 12 weeks

 13 weeks, 14 weeks

 15 weeks in Caseville

 16 weeks, 17 weeks

July 25 ultrasound. It's a boy!

 18 weeks, 19 weeks

20 weeks, 21 weeks 

22 weeks in Caseville  

 23 weeks, 24 weeks

25 weeks, 28 weeks 

 29 weeks, 30 weeks

 31 weeks, 33 weeks

These are all from our 32 week maternity photo shoot that we did ourselves. 

34 weeks, 35 weeks

 36 weeks, 37 weeks 

  38 weeks, 39 weeks

40 weeks

There you have it. A lazy blogger's attempt to document an entire pregnancy in one post.

Needless to say, Mr. Tote and I are ready to meet our little guy. An induction is scheduled for next Tuesday, but my doctor is confident that my water will break before then. Fingers crossed that he makes an appearance soon!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nursery Reveal

BEFORE… Office/Craft/Pet RoomDSC04966

AFTER… Soothing room for our baby boy with lots of personal, DIY touches!DSC05937
DSC05914 DSC05924
DSC05927 DSC05947
Nursery quoteANursery quoteB

DSC05929 DSC05930 DSC05932 DSC05945
DSC05934 DSC05935      

And of course some burp cloths that match the nursery and our love for Michigan State!

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams 6758 Aqueduct and Sherwin Williams 7073 Network Grey

Crib: Davinci Porter

Changing Table: Hand-me-down gift from some friends

Recliner/Ottoman: Harmony Kids Newco Taylor Classic Swivel Glider and Ottoman

Lamp Base: Lowe’s

Baskets: Hobby Lobby


Emily Herrick Going Coastal Crab Walk in Gray

Emily Herrick Going Coastal Sea Star in Gray

P&B Textiles Downtown Circles in Light

Laura Gunn Magnolia Lane Textured Plaid in Turquoise

Tutorials Used:

Crib Skirt

Teething Guard


Changing Pad Cover