Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weight Watchers

Tonight, at my weekly WW meeting, Barb (the meeting leader), was asking for "Five Behavior Changes." I mentioned my new blog and how it has really gotten me excited about cooking at home. She asked me to jot down my blog on the dry erase board for fellow WWs to view. So, I just want to say 'hello' to all the fellow Lansing-area Weight "Watchers" out there. While my blog is relatively new, I wanted to direct you all to a very inclusive WW blog...

Gina's Weight Watcher Recipes is an excellent resource with tons of WW-friendly recipes. She has A LOT of great links to other helpful websites, too. I will be updating my blog regularly with lots of (hopefully) point-conscious recipes and, inevitably, some less-than-low-point recipes as well.

Hey, portion control is EVERYTHING, right!?!?!


  1. Hey! I checked it out! Great sounding recipes. I love the picture of Ozzy sleeping! He's such a cute boy! Love, Auntie Meg

  2. I LOVE the variety!