Monday, January 11, 2010


Linda over at Craftaholics Anonymous is hosting a great party. So many times I buy something from the thrift store that I have no idea what to do with. I'm so inspired after reading so many great crafiing blogs, that I run out and buy the first thing I see. So, now I'm stuck with a bunch of pieces that render me idea-less, or rather, STUMPED! Linda's Stumped Party is meant to address and rescue all those treasures that stump us.

So, now I bring you my submission. I found this treasure a few weeks ago for a whopping $2.99 at my Goodwill store. Besides taking off the tacky eagle at the top, I have no idea what to do with this. So blog world, hit me with your best shot!

Three spots for words of wisdom, his hers ours or something more mysterious. Three little hooks at the bottom, waiting for keys or something more romantic?? I now summon the blog gods for inspiration!

Updates: 1. the lettering is just gold paint on the section of wood in the middle so I can easily paint over it. 2. The dimensions are 23" tall by 5" wide. 3. The lattice it actually carved wood, not just painted, giving it lots of depth and different textures. Thanks again everyone!!


  1. Oooh! Love this! are the words and decorations removable? I could see this painted black (or white) with nice modern metal tags...

  2. spray paint it to match your decor, maybe with two different coats so you can sand it for a distressed look. Do some fun tags with vinyl or metal. Or, you could modge podge on something of your own design. Good luck!

  3. That might be a great piece to use in a crafty room to hold scrap paper, pretty ribbons, and pens or scissors. It would keep some stuff handy and right at your finger tips!

    (or you could share it somehow with your husband...but I like the crafty idea!)

  4. Nice find!! I like the His, Hers, and Ours for the labels. My suggestion would be to paint it white, or a light color, and then sand it around the edges and distress it a bit. Then wipe dark wood stain over the entire thing. This would look super cool with the carved wood latice. It would accent the fab texture and give it depth. After you distress it, I think it would be awesome to mod podge some fab scrapbook paper on the flat back part to add some color and design. I can't wait to see what you do!! Good luck!

  5. I agree with all of the above. I just think this is such an awesome find! I'm so jealous... -Jami

  6. I like the his, mine, ours idea and all the ideas for re-painting. I say put it in the bathroom to put your lipgloss, toothbrushes, shavers, etc.