Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Product Review: Arnold's Select Sandwich Thins

So I decided that I should highlight products that I like on my blog. I am always trying new foods and I am entitled to my opinion, so why not share it with my lovely readers? Who knows... maybe you will appreciate my honest opinions, maybe not. I am going to get very "jump on the bed" excited to hear what you think of these products, so do share!

I heard about these puppies from my Bama (my grandmother), who is a Weight Watcher's lifer. I was a bit skeptical, because I am not a fan at all of Flatout Bread, despite the hype. I find them incredibly chewy, with a funny aftertaste.
So I purchased some of Arnold's Select Sandwich Thins Whole Grain White variety the last time I was in Wal-Mart (*shudder*).

GET THEE TO A STORE AND BUY ASAP! These morsels are soft, non-chewy goodness in a 1 point perfect circle! I made a sandwich today with some shaved turkey breast, Sargento Reduced Fat Pepperjack Cheese (spotted on shelves this week by Hungry Girl), lettuce, dijon mustard and lite Miracle Whip. Yummy!

I am thinking these could be used for hamburger buns and even hot dog buns, as a substitute for a bagel or english muffin im a breakfast sandwich, mini-pizzas... the list seems endless.
Verdict: RAVE!


  1. They aren"t available in our area. /:-( Meg

  2. I love these! I eat them all week long! :)