Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fleece Scarf Tutorial

I made 14 of these before Christmas, but couldn't post for obvious reasons (*ahem MOM, AUNTIE MEG*). So I'm finally getting around to posting my tutorial and finished product. Everything I had seen on these screamed "MAKE ME! I'M EASY!" How could I resist? Little did I know how time consuming they would be. It took quite some time to cut all of the fleece, line it all up, sew it all and cut the fringe. One or two would have been easy, but 14? I just loved so many of the fleece colors, I couldn't choose just one. And since I feel bad asking the girl at the cutting counter for a small strip of each piece, I opted for larger pieces of the colored fleece that made two scarves out of each cut.

Shall we begin? Start by cutting your fleece into 6" strips by the length of the fleece.

Unfold your fleece strips to get the full length and lay your different colors on top of each other. I used three different colors (grey, white and and accent color). Pin the pieces together to hold them in the right place.

Preferably using a sewing machine, sew a straight stitch directly down the center of the fleece.

Remove your pins and lay the strip on a flat surface. Using fabric shears, cut 1" strips perpendicular to the stitched line, being very careful not to cut through the stitch.

A few months ago, I had my online buddy LJ design a custom tag for me that I had made into sewable tags via Etsy seller, Purple Hug. So I sewed these onto the end of one of the strips.

There you have it! Fourteen beautiful, easy, warm fleece scarves! Those that I didn't give as Christmas gifts, I am donating to our church to use for their Shared Pregnancy coat drive.

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