Monday, June 29, 2009

One Year

One YearToday we celebrated one year of marriage. What a year it’s been! We’ve had our ups and downs, but it has been a wonderful year and we spent today enjoying each other’s company. We’ve just been so busy lately and it was so nice to spend some quiet time together.

We woke up casually and exchanged gifts. Matt raided the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale (good boy!!) and got me some comfy tees and panties. He did a great job picking out stuff that he knew I’d like. He also got me a super nice hair straightener a few weeks ago. I kept with the paper tradition for a first anniversary gift and got him a gift certificate for a charter fishing trip up in Traverse City with one of our neighbors who charters a boat up there. After we exchanged gifts we had cereal for breakfast. This may seem insignificant, but at the grocery store yesterday I said I was really craving some cereal and we never have time to eat before we leave for work so yesterday, we each picked out a box of cereal. I picked Special K and Matt picked Coooooooookie Crisp.

After breakfast, we headed out for the day. We went to Francis Park and walked through the rose gardens. Then we went to downtown East Lansing and walked around. We bought a huge MSU flag for the front of our house and got some CDs from Matt’s favorite used CD place, Flat Black and Circular. We went to one of our favorite local joints to eat, Woody’s Oasis. They have amazing hummus and they cut their own fries, which is AWESOME!

We went to Roma Bakery and got a six inch rum cake, along with some portabella stuffed ravioli and homemade pasta sauce. Then we came home and took a nap. We just got done with dinner and dessert and are enjoying a bottle of wine… a bottle that we had all of our bridal party and family sign at our rehearsal dinner last year with the premise that we would drink it on our one year anniversary.

What a wonderful way to spend our first anniversary. It’s not a return trip to Mexico, but it was still a wonderful day. Now, off the computer before Matt starts the movie without me!


  1. "Bottoms up. <3 ur fasha." That is something my dad would definitely write. Haha. Too funny.

    Happy anniversary. I am glad you guys have had a good day of celebrating. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Ours was last week and I agree, it's definitely not the same as Mexico(we went there on our honeymoon) but we still had a great time celebrating! That is so cool about the bottle you kept! And I love that you did the paper tradition, I couldn't think of anything!