Monday, December 21, 2009

Nephew's "First Birthday" Present

Our #1 (and only) nephew turned one year old on December 10. For his birthday present we kidnapped, I mean... babysat, him one Sunday afternoon. After Mr. Tote took a good 15 minutes figuring out how to put the car seat in properly, we were off to my favorite pottery studio, Art Unlimited. There, we made the plate you see above, using little Calvin's hands and foot to form a reindeer. Mr. Tote painted all of the writing while I did the outside border, using a reverse stenciling technique and some "snowfall" paint that puffs and bubbles when fired.

Calvin screamed his way through the painting and pressing of his hands and foot, but was otherwise a very happy baby and even took his turn painting the back of the plate.

His mommy and daddy loved the plate. I was especially proud that I didn't spill the beans before his birthday party. I was just so excited to give it to them!! Here he is at his party, enjoying his Elmo cupcake. Such a ham, he is!

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