Monday, December 7, 2009

No-Sew Santa Table Runner

I saw this fun table runner at Hobby Lobby. Not wanting to pay the full price tag, I figured I could easily make a similar runner myself.

Materials needed:

1 ft. of 72" long red felt
5 yards 1" white fur
2 ft black velvet ribbon
2 squares gold fabric - I scoured JoAnn's home fabrics and "borrowed" two of their sample pieces of fabric

Folding your 72" red felt in half, cut a "V" shape in the fabric. Using tacky glue, adhere the strips of black velvet ribbon to the v-shaped ends. Using the gold squares folded in half, cut out a square square with a smaller square to make Santa's belt buckle. Adhere with tacky glue.Run your 1"fur down the length of the runner using tacky glue to adhere it to the felt.

And there you have it, dear readers...
A finished Santa table runner! Super easy. With my 40% off JoAnn's coupon, this project cost around $8 to make. So cute!

And now, some cute pet pics. Here's Ozzy, with his "bite me" t-shirt from Target that cost me a whopping $2.50. These two are best friends...Ozzy, trying to kiss his best friend, Athena. She looks like she's about to b*tch slap him, hahaha!!

I'm linking to The DIY Show Off's Holiday Highlights Party.


  1. What! That is adorable! Love the jars of ornaments. Where'd you get the jars?

  2. This is SO CUTE!!! Thanks for the comment letting me know about it. I am featuring it at Grab my "featured" button.

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  4. I am writing to request permission to reprint this adorable project on We would of course respect your copyright and give you full credit and will happily link back to your blog as well. Please let me know if this is acceptable. Thanks!

    Amanda Formaro
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