Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blog Changes

I have made a few recent updates to my blog that I'd like to share/brag about (especially since I had to figure out the html code on a few of them to makeit all work for me).

  1. I have created a three-column blog so that I can highlight more areas without them running long down only one side of my blog.
  2. Twitter - now you can follow me on Twitter and see what I am up to in the upper left corner of my blog. I have Twitter hooked up to my phone so I can Tweet at any time. So high tech, I know.
  3. LinkWithin - now you can see similar posts that may be of interest to you at the bottom of each new post.
  4. AddThis! - now you can take any of my posts that you enjoy and share them on your Facebook, on Twitter, via email, print them and add to your favorite websites.

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