Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gourmet Memorial Day Picnic

For Memorial Day, I planned a gourmet picnic for Matt and I at one of our favorite spots... on the banks of the Red Cedar River on the campus of Michigan State University. For the menu I prepared:

Prosciutto and Sharp Provolone Sandwiches with Grill-Roasted Orange Peppers and Kalamata Olive Mayo
Low-fat Pesto pasta salad with walnuts (made with low fat ricotta cheese and only a teeny bit of olive oil)
Chocolate Chip Cookies with Reeses Pieces
Fresh Grapes
And of course, a bottle of wine

We took all of the stale bread I've been saving up all winter to feed the ducks and geese. Matt had fun "baiting" the geese and then chucking wads of bread at them... love my husband! It was a nice, sunny, romantic afternoon, just the two of us and Ozzy.

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  1. I'll be needed that low-fat pesto recipe :)