Sunday, May 17, 2009


Exactly one month ago we received the keys to our new house. Let me tell you, living on a pond has been quite an adventure over the past month! Below are some pictures of the fun things we have seen. There was NOTHING like this at our apartment in East Lansing!

First, there was the painted turtle that I almost ran over on my way home from work. Coming up to it, I thought it was just a leaf blowing across the road. When I was almost on top of it, I realized it was a turtle! I braced for impact and surprisingly missed the little fella! So I slammed on the breaks, u-turned it and pulled over on the opposite side of the road with my hazards on. With each passing car I covered my eyes, waiting to hear a crunch of the little turtle under someone's tire.

Thankfully, he got his wits about him and turned around to scoot back to the embankment. I waited for traffic to clear, then ran across the street and scooped him up. I finished the rest of the ride home with the turtle in the car. When I got home, I showed him to Matt and we decided to let him go in the pond.

The release!
Now he will be happy in his new home!
These are the baby robins that have a nest under the deck. Mommy comes and feeds them all the time. They are so cute!
We found this little guy on our front window before heading to bed one night.

Matt found this guy out front when mowing the lawn yesterday. Good thing he was paying attention so he didn't run him over!

It has been a joy discovering all of the wildlife in our own backyard. I can't wait until the weather warms up and we can sit out back in the evening and enjoy our little paradise.

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  1. Critters make a house SO interesting, don't they?